E-mail Policy

During the last couple of semesters, I have been using e-mail to communicate to all my students. It is frankly the most efficient way to keep the class informed outside the classroom, send out revisions of syllabi and practice exams, and answer any questions you might have. Indeed, e-mail has become so important to my way of working that now I deem it essential and therefore I need to make sure all my students receive the e-mails I send out.

However, I have been having some problems sending out e-mails. I often receive bounced e-mail from mail servers that because of some reason the e-mail could not be delivered. Hotmail users have been giving me frequent problems. To reduce these problems and make sure all my students receive every e-mail I send out, and from now on I'm going by this new policy:

All students must use their Texas A&M Neo mail account to receive my e-mails; otherwise, you will be completely liable for any loss of grade due to unreceived e-mail.

Note, however, that I will not be enforcing this rule. That means that when I ask for your e-mail address, you can provide me with any e-mail address and I will use that e-mail address. However, you run the risk that the following could happen:

  1. If I receive a bounced message from an e-mail address that is not a Texas A&M Neo account, I will not be resending the message again.
  2. If an unreceived e-mail directly or indirectly costs you a grade and your e-mail address in not a Texas A&M Neo account, I will not consider the situation for a possible second chance to replace the grade.

Policy for Blinn Students

This same policy also applies for Blinn College students. The exception, of course, is that Blinn students are required to use their Blinn College-provided e-mail account instead of a Texas A&M Neo account, since obviously Blinn students don't have access to Texas A&M Neo accounts.

For those students that are currently enrolled in both Texas A&M and Blinn College, you must provide me an e-mail address provided by the institution for which the class belongs. That is, if you are taking a Texas A&M class, then you must provide me a Texas A&M Neo account; if you are taking a Blinn class, then you must provide me with a Blinn College-provided e-mail address. If you are taking a Blinn class and you provide me with a Texas A&M Neo account, you will not be complying with my policy, since Texas A&M has nothing to do with Blinn College classes.


There are several ways that you can provide me your Neo account while keep using your same e-mail address: